Buck Stops Here


Hunters See the World Differently

The phrase the buck stops here was coined by President Harry Truman, and the buck in question refers to a marker passed from one person to the next in a poker game, indicating who would deal. But if you’re as avid a hunter as author Steve Chapman, this may surprise you, because when you hear buck, you’re not thinking about poker. Instead, you’re picturing white-tailed deer.

You’ll feel right at home reading The Buck Stops Here, a timeless collection of tips, quips, and reflections about hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. Dive deeper into the fair chase as you take in…

*advice by hunters for hunters that will make you more successful in your pursuits
*character-building insights from wilderness experiences that you can apply to everyday life
*tales from the hunt that illuminate why you hold this pastime so dear

Each page will bring a smile to your face, provide you with an Aha! moment, and inspire you to take another trip to the woods–so take a seat, get ready, and whisper, The buck stops here!


SKU (ISBN): 9780736982900
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2021
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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